EDLI’s Strategic Vision

EDLI is built upon long-term collaborative work and was formalized by the need to rapidly move to online instruction due to COVID. EDLI has grown into an important nexus supporting and guiding digital teaching and learning at MSU. We are an interdisciplinary team of applied educational researchers, teachers, and administrators working with a diverse group of faculty, staff, students, and partners from units across campus and the state. In collaboration, we conduct applied educational research, evaluate educational innovations and digital tools, and implement data-informed student-centered digital pedagogies. Our focus and mission are uniquely different than that of a traditional teaching center: rather than approaching faculty/staff development as primarily an information-transfer task, we evolve strategies with our partners that are guided by their values and context and are informed by data and current research and literature.

EDLI’s Work can be characterized as Research, Evaluation, and Implementation (REI); researching effective methods and models for digital learning on our campus and in the literature, evaluating outcomes through data collection and interpretation, and working with campus partners to implement successful models in a broad range of classrooms and educational settings on campus and beyond. 

EDLI’s Purpose is to foster high-quality digital learning in the 21st century by humanizing the digital experience, developing and encouraging meaningful assessment practices, increasing learning by doing in the classroom and beyond, and promoting group learning and student interaction. These core pillars build upon historic strengths at MSU and recognize the continued challenge of creating an inclusive and humanized digital experience.  With these concepts as our guide, we go through a design process to identify what students and faculty value in their courses, determine how those values might be built upon, to implement strategies by connecting resources and people from across campus (e.g. faculty, staff, students, and administrators from across disciplines), and to analyze and share action research data to guide future iterations. 

EDLI’s Aspiration is to build interdisciplinary communities of faculty, staff, and administrators who are interested in and able to develop and iteratively improve upon student-centered curriculum and pedagogy. 

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