Generative AI Resources and Events for Michigan State University

With the rapid uptake of the use of generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, faculty, staff, and administration across the university have been working to develop workshops, presentations, and resources for educators that are specific to MSU. EDLI is compiling these opportunities on this post. If you have events or links to add to this list, please send them to Note this was most recently updated on:


  • Classroom Guides and General Resources
    • AI for Educators Training Module on D2L: This five-part module on D2L links to many of the MSU-specific policies and aggregates advice on how to approach course design and assessment in the age of generative AI.
    • Recommendations for Syllabus Language: This playlist on iTeach contains two documents, on that has long-form suggestions for syllabus language around generative AI and a second that contains brief sections of text that you can copy and paste into your syllabi.
    • Generative AI Use Codes: A proposed system of “Generative AI Use Codes” (GAUC) to provide clearer communication between instructors and students about the allowed level of generative AI assistance and desired degree of citation in academic tasks.
    • ChatGPT FAQ for MSU Educators: A broad overview FAQ about ChatGPT (and other generative AI) and MSU-specific policies.
    • University Communications Guidelines for Use of Generative AI: University Communications and campus communicators have explored a variety of use cases for integrating generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) into marketing and communications work. This document is meant to serve as a source of information and guidelines for University Communications staff as they explore the use of AI.
  • University Policies
  • Learning Communities
    • iTeach MSU AI and Education Group: A hub for both external and internal resources (including many of those listed here) on generative AI and education, this group allows members to post their own content and comment on others’.
    • Learning Community Teams Channel for “Navigating AI and LLMs in the Classroom”: This Teams channel is the information and discussion hub for an AI in the classroom learning community for sharing experiences and developing classroom or research projects on generative AI in the classroom.

Upcoming Events

For all events related to Teaching and Learning, some of which may relate to AI, we recommend checking out the Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation calendar.

Navigating AI in the Classroom Learning Community Meeting

Next General Meeting Weds, April 17 from 1:30-2:30pm. Contact Caitlin Kirby for the Zoom link.

Generative AI Open Office Hours

April 18, 2024, 12:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m., Virtual

Presented by EDLI and CTLI

Additional information and Zoom link on the Library website

Pop-in session with Teaching Center Director and MSU Experts in generative AI. Learn how to teach about AI and incorporate generative AI tools into your teaching practices.

Demystifying Large Language Models: Insights and Innovations

May 8, 2024, 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm, Hybrid, STEM Teaching and Learning Facility, Room 2130 and on Zoom
Featuring guest presenter Nisan Stiennon. Presented by Sarah Freye, Rhonda Kessling, and Lisa Batchelder.
Register on Zoom

Join us for a groundbreaking hybrid workshop featuring Nisan Stiennon, a renowned Machine Learning Engineer with a rich background at Encultured AI, OpenAI, and Google. This workshop is designed for faculty and staff focusing on the intricacies and future of Large Language Models (LLMs) and their applications in higher education. This workshop promises a blend of expert knowledge, interactive discussions, and forward-looking insights, ideal for anyone keen to understand and shape the future of AI in education. We strongly encourage participants to bring their curiosities, concerns, and questions. Join us to be part of this enlightening conversation!

Recordings and Resources from Past Events

  • Poster on “Teach More, Stress Less” by integrating AI into your teaching process. Chris Shaltry designed and presented this poster at the AI Networking Event held by MSU’s Office of Research and innovation in November 2023.
  • Webinar: Navigating ChatGPT/AI in the Classroom. (1 hour) Facilitated by Caitlin Kirby and Min Zhuang of EDLI on 8/25/23 as part of the Fall Educator Seminars, this workshop provides an overview of how students might use ChatGPT, including a discussion of AI detectors. We also share how instructors might modify their courses in the era of generative AI.
  • Webinar: An Introduction to Teaching and Generative AI. (2 hours) This webinar was co-facilitated by Stephen Thomas, Jeremy Van Hof, and Jake Kasper on 8/21/23. The first hour focused on general concepts and implications of generative AI (genAI) to teaching. The second hour was more open for exploration of tools and specific examples of curriculum. If you are not familiar with ChatGPT, you might sign up for a free account to get the most out of this part of the session (instructions below).
  • Webinar: Navigating ChatGPT in the Classroom Seminar at the MSU Educational Technology Summit 2023. (1 hour) You can find the video recording of this presentation on MediaSpace, and the video with all resources linked in the Ed Tech Summit D2L Site (the video is in the Tues Jun 6, 9:45am folder).
  • Filmed live event: Symposium on AI in Education and Academic Writing. (Videos of various length). This event was held on the MSU Campus in February 2023 and engaged more than 100 educators from around campus in conversation about this topic.