The Enhanced Digital Learning Initiative (EDLI) is a collaborative effort of digital pedagogy experts from the College of Arts & Letters, the Eli Broad College of Business, the College of Natural Science, working closely with collaborators in MSU Information Technology and MSU Libraries.

Our mission is to humanize the digital learning experience and use a values-driven approach to develop and evaluate digital pedagogies and technologies for 21st-century learning. We help build high-quality, digitally-enhanced teaching and learning experiences by leveraging our expertise in research and evaluation. 

Our Collaborators

Our research initiatives and faculty development programs are targeted at benefiting students, faculty members, and administration.

EDLI values tri-hourglass

Students – We work with students to:

  • Understand their learning experiences
  • Discover ways to maximize their engagement
  • Develop courses that afford all students the opportunity to thrive academically

Faculty – We collaborate with faculty members to: 

  • Advance a culture of care in the classroom
  • Employ effective assessments
  • Improve student engagement and outcomes
  • Research the effectiveness of current classroom infrastructure

Administration – We consult with administrative units to: 

  • Optimize the educational technology landscape for faculty and students
  • Support  program and course development  
  • Research the effectiveness of current teaching practices

Working with these stakeholders, we have also found great benefit from working within and across our disciplines. For example, how to have digital sketchbooks? lab notebooks? Are these similar? Different? How can they inform each other? The disciplinary approaches of our three colleges allows for interesting synergies.