Creating Inclusive Excellence Grant: Peer Teaching Evaluations

Overview: We developed a proposed project to explore the impact of a peer-led teaching evaluation program on retention and sense of community among underrepresented faculty. 

Outcomes: Grant application to MSU’s Creating Inclusive Excellence Grant program

Stephen and Caitlin worked with Michael Lockett of the AAN/HUB to submit an internal grant proposal to the Creating Inclusive Excellence program. The project centered on a peer teaching evaluation program for instructors in CISGS and the STEM building with the goal of developing more equitable teaching evaluation processes. This is aligned with the ongoing work in NatSci on updating teaching evaluation processes. The grant was unfunded for this cycle. 

Author/Personnel: by Caitlin Kirby; Stephen Thomas, Michael Lockett

Stephen Thomas

Dr. Stephen Thomas is a faculty member and the Associate Director for the Center for Integrative Studies in General Science at Michigan State University and the Digital Curriculum Coordinator for the College of Natural Science. He provides expertise for the EDLI team in pedagogy, curricular reform, and visual thinking.